Ohio Long Term Care Insurance Partnership

The Ohio Long Term Care Insurance Partnership program was launched in the state in 2007 to encourage Ohioans to plan for their future long term care needs.  The law allows the sale of Ohio Long Term Care Insurance partnership plans to be offered by companies who are part of the program.  Long Term Care Partnership insurance offers consumers the ability to buy long-term care insurance, use the policy’s benefits and protect a dollar for dollar amount of assets if they use up their LTC policy and then need to apply for Medicaid.

For example, if a person needs care and use up their whole policy, say $500,000 worth in benefits, and still need care, they can spend down their assets to $500,000 and then qualify for Medicaid.

Like with any insurance policy, you want to find a policy that fits your needs and one that does not over-insure yourself.  Their is a balance between too much insurance and too little.  Our Ohio Licensed Insurance agents that are certified and trained in the Ohio Long Term Care Partnership plan can help you navigate the various plans and companies that are part of the program.  Take a moment and request your partnership info by filling in the form below.

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